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  1. Veidt says:

    Well done ladies. Like in any industry there is a huge spectrum of what goes on. There is obviously a very dark side to the industry which has attracted much media attention. It’s great to hear your accounts as it brings balance to the negative aspects of escorting.

  2. Eileen Lang says:

    I have waited 25 years to see “Les Dames” find their voices and speak for themselves.

    You have brought the “floating world” out into the open, with all it’s shifting colours of pride and passion, love and detachment, humour and pain. I do not think any of you realise just how extraordinary you are, as women, and human beings.

    No angels perhaps…but certainly no devils either, keep writing, and speaking, because if you do I have a feeling this will be regarded as something quite remarkable and important.

    People have said a lot about the pain of sex work, a lot about the glamour of sex work and even, perhaps too much about the sex in sex work, but to my knowledge no other group of people has ever just come out and said:

    “This is who we are, and we are sex workers – get used to it”

    Now, as with all new things, and changes, the world will never manage to be quite the same place again, however hard it tries.

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