Escort Perceptions- By an Ex Client

“Preconceptions are a bitch. I’m an ex-‘punter’ who met a very special lady some time ago.

It’s a fact that very few, if any, people will advertise the fact that they visit escorts. There’s obvious reasons, not least of which are that people just assume the worst – that it’s seedy, that the women are down on their luck or addicts, etc. Many people reading this will already know that in the vast majority of cases this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

From a personal perspective, yes, I had preconceptions. When I got to know an escort on a more personal level, they were all washed away – I’ve since learned to not hastily judge people because of this. Now, my first meeting with her was amazing. I felt a connection I never had before – was this real, or just an incredibly good actress? Choosing the latter as the most obvious answer, I continued about my business. I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that I had just had an experience with the real person behind the job. It’s a dangerous situation to find yourself in. In fact, so dangerous that I nearly didn’t contact her again. Just imagine thinking that this person liked you and was dropping their guard, only then to find out it was all an act. It would be devastating.

Against my better judgement, I sent a few texts away, not expecting much. To my delight, I received replies, and they were friendly, funny and made my day. Over the next while, we built up quite a friendship. Now, I would have to warn others about the dangers of trying to build up a friendship – after all, these girls are only doing a job. I just happened to be incredibly lucky to see the real person. Normally, this would end in tears – I’ve heard of many cases where it did. However, this is what I saw.

She’s smart, funny, friendly – these might seem like the most obvious personality traits, as she’d be trying to put these forward to everyone she met. But also, she’s also self-conscious. She’s talented, but impatient as well. She’s kind to others, even when those others don’t deserve it. She snorts when she laughs, and makes dumb faces when I try to take her picture. She’s stubborn and infuriating – she annoys me for fun. She’s a great cook that thinks she’s not. She’s untidy and sometimes lazy. In short, she’s the most awesome person I’ve ever met, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her.

Apologies for going off on a soppy description, but it serves a purpose for anybody reading this who can’t see beyond the word ‘escort’. Every one of them has a story, a family, people who love them, who know them, and they are not, and should not be defined by their job.”


3 comments on “Escort Perceptions- By an Ex Client

  1. Chill says:

    Ah ha you’re blog is excellent my friend. You know speaking for myself anyway I’ve always known working girls are nothing but normal. I have a lot of respect for working girls as their line of work is very very dangerous and takes lots of guts to do.

    I myself have visited lots of brilliant ladies on this crazy and wonderful hobby. I myself also met one particular lady who I think is an absolutely wonderful (person) not escort. I agree without doubt that it can be very dangerous But you do learn and we all can never stop learning.

    Another thing the attitude I’ve had from the beginning of my hobby was to go meet up with some gorgeous ladies and to not just have fun but to have a right good giggle also lol for me the best meetings where with the ladies I had really good craic with and the sex was near perfect.

    Hey people keep these blogs coming as I do think there top drawer, must do one myself at some point lol ladies I take my hat off to you’s, I’ve nothing but total respect for you’s, be safe!

  2. Steve says:

    I totally agree with the sentiment. Almost all escorts I have met are great people. When you get to know the story behind them, you sometimes are surprised. But you should not be, they are just extraordinary ordinary people who are special.

    One I did have a relationship with helped at her local church one day a week cooking and serving meals to the elderly, and being their companion. She acted in local dramas. She was a paragon of goodness.

    The trouble I have with this post is, Why would anyone think a sex worker was anything other than different to anyone else. Yeah there are shitty sex workers, and yes sex work workers will put a smile on for you when they feel nothing for you. But that is no different to any service industry. Any shop assistant is the same, the bored useless assistant, to the smiling helpful assistant. And it’s not unheard of that some end with relationships with their shopping clients.

    What defines a great sex work client who has a relationship with a sex worker, is that they are not jealous and will allow the sex worker to continue working, like you would allow anyone else to continue their job.

  3. Sounds like you’ve just described me. ; )

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