Dressed like an Escort?!

The quintisential prostitute stereotype pisses me off. People think prossie and it seems they think thigh high boots, plunging neck lines and fishnet tights. More like a baggy jumper, 2 day worn jeans and a slick of vaseline on the lips I say.

I spend so much time dolled up at work when I’m off duty all I want to do is crawl into my most comfy tracksuit, scrape my hair into a bun and wash the war paint of my face.

Most of the time you would never know I was a prostitute. Remember I am not just a sex worker but a normal woman too. I sit next to you on the train, I get changed next to you in the gym and I buy my milk next to you in the Spar. 


Next time you think prostitute please don’t think sterotype. 


Many Thanks

A casually dressed hoe xx



2 comments on “Dressed like an Escort?!

  1. Chill says:

    Lol of course you working girls are normal! Listening to some people and they defiantly think otherwise. Also I’ve heard guys complain about not getting in touch with a girl for an appointment, no working girls don’t do normal things lol come one people!!

  2. sassdelaney says:

    I’m worse, when I’m not working, yes I do jeans…but there’s also a huge pair of granny pants underneath them!x

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