Some of the time, we love you

Dear Mr. Perfect Client,

Thank you for being the ideal client to this sometimes jaded working girl. For providing that ray of hope in the darkness of what can sometimes be the monotony of boring and mediocre sexual encounters with less than sexually exciting men.

Thank you for giving a girl hope, that there are men out there who do appreciate a woman for the sweet femininity that she embodies. For thinking first with your head, and not with your dick. For using your hands to touch and to feel, not to grope and probe. For a level of hygiene that should be written about in text books as the gold standard.

And most of all thank you for tirelessly putting forth the necessary effort to really make me orgasm several times. When I normally am not a multi-orgasmic female.

Thank you in general for being a lovely human being.



7 comments on “Some of the time, we love you

  1. Eileen Lang says:

    You know, even I can think of 3 or 4 clients I could have sent this to…

  2. Nice article, it is always best when both parties enjoy the sweetest of business transactions:)

    • Indeed it is. And not as uncommon as you might think πŸ™‚

      Welcome to our blog, pycraftworld.

      • My best female friends are all escorts, dominatrix & dancers and indeed totally agree that it is not uncommon at all. The less emotion the greater the honesty, after the simplest of business transactions I have enjoyed phenomenal mutual pleasure many times. You sound like my kinda escort:) We salute you. x

  3. Veidt says:

    Thank you. It’s nice sometimes to get a break from hearing about all the timewasters and men who have no idea how behave when seeing an escort. It is nice to hear that there are clients who do know how to appreciate and treat a lady properly.

    I can relate to the hygeine and respect bit. As for making a woman orgasm – that’s a whole different ball game! πŸ™‚

  4. Chill says:

    Really like this blog lots. This just proves there are some clients with lots of respect and do give a shit!

  5. Larry says:

    Hi guys, I am just your average punter i suppose. I like to go visit ladies now and then. And i love to give pleasure to a woman when there is a feel of real “connection” between us both.

    However, the last time i genuinely felt this, i pleasured the lady orally for what must have been near 30 mins. Then to my disbelieve, she informed me that my time was up!!!!

    I bit “irish” if you ask me!

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