Some of the time, we love you

Dear Mr. Perfect Client,

Thank you for being the ideal client to this sometimes jaded working girl. For providing that ray of hope in the darkness of what can sometimes be the monotony of boring and mediocre sexual encounters with less than sexually exciting men.

Thank you for giving a girl hope, that there are men out there who do appreciate a woman for the sweet femininity that she embodies. For thinking first with your head, and not with your dick. For using your hands to touch and to feel, not to grope and probe. For a level of hygiene that should be written about in text books as the gold standard.

And most of all thank you for tirelessly putting forth the necessary effort to really make me orgasm several times. When I normally am not a multi-orgasmic female.

Thank you in general for being a lovely human being.



So, want to know the ins and outs?

A Typical Day


The average day for me starts at about 6:30, this is when I wake up, I am a morning person, I will normally start to nod off at about 9:30pm if left to my own devices. I will grab a book, or computer and start my morning downloads of the various TV shows I am currently following. There are lots of them. I love TV. First cup of coffee. I have my Nespresso machine by the bed. Junkie, I know.

Back to bed, starts watching the odd show as I surf the web. I split the screen so I can multi-task. Phone rings, client wanting to know will I be working tomorrow. Call me back tomorrow. Click. Idiot it is 7:30 in the morning, you just want to hear my voice as you wank off. Go away. Second cup of coffee. Answer some emails, usually ignore the ones that want to book me for a month right off the bat. Phone rings, client says good morning, oh good start. Wants to know if I would be available for about 10:00am. Yes, I could be, services discussed, I grab note book, pencil this one in. Check time. Oh it is 8:45. Better get up and transform into the sex goddess. Third cup of coffee. I know, I know. I am a junkie. Caffeine is my drug of choice. For those times I have to really ramp up I have patches I stick on my arm. 200mg of caffeine through the skin. Brilliant.

Shower, shave the hairy bits, brush teeth, mani and pedi are still brilliant, I have gel nails. Lasts for two weeks. Foufou is still fluff free. Continue reading