Behind the lights

No Lights, Just Me

The portrayal of prostitution in the media doesn’t reflect me accurately. The facts ‘I have sex for money’ and ‘I do advertise online’ are the only truth I can find in the drivel which is fed to the public by reporters with no better story. Reporters looking for a front page! Get a picture of the hooker and ruin her life, make sure it’s one who’s wearing boots so she fits the stereotypical image we’re putting out there.



What am I like? I’m a very down to earth lady. I have a great sense of humour, I’m kind, I love my family, I stand by my principles and I’m loyal to the people who deserve that in my life. Did I mention I’m a sex worker? I’m proud to be one. I’m from a hard-working, loving family, I had an excellent education, I’m not a chronic drug user or alcoholic and I’ve never been controlled in any way.



People have this perception that sex workers are either cold hard money grabbing bitches or dithering wrecks being beaten about the place by a nasty pimp. Neither apply to me thankfully.



Being a prostitute isn’t for everybody. It takes a certain type of person to cut the mustard. I have to laugh when people liken a woman who sleeps around to a prostitute. Most of the women I know in the sex industry wouldn’t be out having one night stands or sleeping with everyone in the village for kicks. We have far more class than that, and more sense. We’re business women, not idiots.


I offer time and companionship to my clients. The clients come to visit me, I’m not soliciting on street corners so you can’t say I’m a menace to society. I go about my business in a discreet and professional manner. I honestly can’t see any harm in that, can you?


Is it really so difficult to believe that I enjoy making people smile? I get a kick out of bringing happiness to a persons’ life. I feel humbled that little me has the chance to make an impact on a strangers life. We do that you know, us escorts. We have clients who come to see us for many reasons and I don’t believe anybody has the right to deny a person human contact yet we live in a society with many lonely people and they, along with escorts are being condemned by a society that’s been conditioned by the media and the church.


Of course the job isn’t all sunshine and roses but what job is? I don’t know anybody who can say, hand on heart that they love every second of their working lives. Having had countless ‘normal’ jobs, many opportunities and a lot of life experiences I can quite happily say, with all my confidence that being a sex worker is something that I find both enjoyable and profitable. It’s a job I’m very good at and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon.


I honestly can’t see how people can justify telling consenting adults who they can or can’t be intimate with. The issue is a moral one, it isn’t logical at all. What is logical is accepting that sex workers will always be there.


Don’t treat us as second class or ignore our views. We deserve better.

4 comments on “Behind the lights

  1. Eileen Lang says:

    This is beautiful and brilliant…and true…

    As a matter if fact, the one significant thing I gained from sex work was learning to value myself and my body in ways that I just did not before.

    Promiscuity was never about me or my needs, just my pathology, sex work helped me put a healthier perspective on that, better than any therapy could have done…

    But hey…every word you said here could also, as easily, be said about another lady somewhere soliciting on street corners…they are not menacing anyone either y’know, it’s just a different aspect of the same business that suits different people better.

    On street sex work is the only form of independent sex work realistically accessible for crisis sex workers and survival sex workers…the people who really do not have an alternative.

    On street work is usually far less elaborate and demanding than indoor work and, as such, is a positive preference for many sex workers, who could not cope with indoor sex work.

    To set up as an indoor independent escort requires investment and commitment that they are unlikely to possess while they are driven by financial hardship, and the only alternative, without investment is to work indoors for a madam or a pimp, if they can find, or tolerate, one.

  2. Lex Addict says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s just a pity that it’s the simplistic approach which sells on these issues.

  3. Veidt says:

    Hear! Hear!

  4. Kate says:

    It was like reading my own thoughts. That is exactly how it is for me too. Thanks for writing it.

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