Text message pests..a lesson in method

There are certain text pests, that I swear have no lives, and too much free text on their hands. There is a particular one that, I have happily ignored for several months now, until today:

TP: call me.

Escort in Evil Mode: No dear that isn’t the way this works, you are supposed to call me.

TP: your loss idiot.

Escort  rolls eyes: Ignores

TP:You are probably a fat cow anyway

Escort in teaching lesson mode: If I were fat I could lose weight and become thin. But as in your case, this type if frustration only comes from either having a small dick of having been buggered by your father. There really is no help, so you resort to pestering escorts for non existent appointments, because your wallet like your dick is also non existent. Now FUCK OFF, you waste of space.

Amazing how he hasn’t responded. 

* *

One comment on “Text message pests..a lesson in method

  1. Eva Luna says:

    I have had a few of those! I refuse to waste my valuable time and call credit on such barnacles on the bottom of mankind. I had one gentleman who insisted on wishing me a goodnight every evening. In principle, it was a lovely gesture, however, when a mandatory reply was inferred, it become tedious. He took umbrage that I did not reciprocate the nocturnal tidings. Next!

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