It is only a job….

Escorting can often be nothing more than a job

Sex in general and working in the sex industry in particular always had some level of stigma attached to them in a society where religion still has some power and some influence.

Excepting ancient times, where ‘sacred prostitution’, practiced in temples and ‘houses of heaven’ was not just tolerated but also encouraged and respected, sex in general and working in the sex industry in particular, has always had some level of stigma attached to it, in any society where religion still had some power or some influence.

And now, right, I have had enough! Can people understand I am not doing anything wrong! Consensual acts between two people should not be so frowned upon by society, even if they involve cash.

Escorting is just a job for me. Perhaps not the easiest and most relaxing job in the world, but you know what, it is probably the best job I have ever had. And I know what I am talking about, I had a lot of various jobs in my life.

I like doing things the way I want. I like being my own boss. I like to decline any task / service / person that makes me uncomfortable. In this context, working in the sex industry as an independent is the perfect job for me.

My only regret is that I didn’t discover this job sooner, when I first came to Ireland. I lost so many years doing jobs I didn’t like, never feeling fulfilled and accomplished despite my hard work. So yes, if I got to re-live my life, I would start escorting much earlier then I did.

I have recently retired from escorting. I am currently providing a more basic service, involving just a little pampering and relaxation of the client. You may ask yourself why would I abandon a job I speak so highly off, i.e. escorting? Mostly, it’s because I don’t feel strong enough for the moment to deal with the clients in those harder times. Bad press has managed to scare away most of the decent clients, decent meaning here the ones that are nice, clean, polite and simply a pleasure to deal with. The recession ensured that some of the few good ones left don’t have much cash to spare. Too many girls coming to escort in Ireland ensured prices have dropped to a level that I find demeaning. As most prices dropped, a new category of clients appeared. The opportunists, the extra demanding ones, the rude ones, people who think 50 Euro give them the right to start a phone conversation with “you workin’?” or “where are you?” and this is just the beginning.

Surely, I could have just waited out and work with the occasional genuine client calling, refusing anybody I didn’t like to see. But I have not much patience to wait around and the more I wait, the less I am inclined to work. I decided to change my type of service to something that mostly only gentlemen would be interested in. Less money, considerable less. But I work a little more than before, so it keeps me happy. And sane too, lol.

I will perhaps go back to escorting if I feel the time would change for better. But before I do this, I would love to see Ireland becoming wise in regards to escorting in the sense that:

–          The law should recognise that independent escorts (or masseuses) do nothing wrong if they work independently and discretely.

–          I would not work for an agency but I think it’s a good idea to allow them to be, as long as they disclose themselves as being such and they act like a mere facilitator, a helping hand to escorts who cannot / don’t want to handle their own phone, look for suitable place to work from and such.

–          All independent sex workers and agencies to be registered for taxes, medical facilities, insurance etc. The job in itself to be recognised for banking purposes as well. Hell, why not, even for retirement.

–          Guards should concentrate to find and eradicate the trafficked sex workers, the ones that have no choice and no say in this business. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Now, what you read here are some quick 1 a.m. ramblings. I am not going to suggest solutions for all the points above, how could I? But there are lots of people who can … if they would only care enough to do it.

If they could understand there are many ladies like myself, who got into this business because they were best suited for it. Who would love nothing more than to be fully legit and be able to go to their bank and have the courage of asking for a mortgage, specifying under the “job” section – escort / sex worker.

Because, yes, escorting is nothing more than a job for many of us and the sooner you understand this, the better for us.

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