Economic migration

What do I think of trafficking? I think it is abhorrent. The most disgusting thing we can do to another, the slave trade of our century. The idea that a girl could be forced to do what I do, fills me with sadness and horror. The idea that men I see, men I talk to daily, could contribute to that type of pain and misery truly makes me sick. However, I don’t think many men would knowingly see a trafficked person. I think the waters have been muddied. Some people definitely don’t want to be here and do not want to work as prostitutes. However – an awful lot do.

Many ladies are here for economic reasons, and they come from a wide range of countries. Some work for agencies here in Ireland, agencies that remain hidden, and some work for agencies who send them here. All of them will charge these ladies a fee for their ‘assistance”. So yes, they are pimps. For some ladies, that’s the only way they could ever afford to travel.

What about the ladies who work for literally a few euro in their countries? Same job there, but for a pittance? What about those ladies, who actually want to be here? The ones who see this as their chance to improve not only their lives, but the lives of their children and extended families too? We need clarity of these situations. We need to be aware, not only of the true horrors that are out there, but the half stories, the ones we are never told. The ones that don’t quite fit. There are so many shades of grey.

6 comments on “Economic migration

  1. Wendy Lyon says:

    For some ladies, that’s the only way they could ever afford to travel.

    For many, it’s not only the only way they can afford to travel, it’s the only way they can get work in a higher-income country. Immigration policy is the elephant in the living room of the anti-trafficking campaign. Making it almost impossible for people to migrate and work legally in other countries virtually ensures that many of them will turn to smugglers and traffickers instead. But you hardly ever hear the anti-trafficking movement challenge governments on this issue, even though it really is a no-brainer.

    What infuriates me so much about the singular focus on anti-prostitution law as the solution to trafficking is not that it simply doesn’t work; not that it has negative repercussions for sex workers; but that it gives governments a complete pass to maintain restrictive migration laws (as well as things like trade imbalances against less developed countries, and thoroughly inadequate social welfare systems) which are the real factors driving the trafficking industry. And that it’s often the very campaigners who you would expect to challenge these factors who are silent on them, because all they can see is sex work.

  2. Veidt says:

    While trafficking is abhorent, the word “trafficking” has been so overused by media and specific interests groups, that very few in society can actually distinguish between true trafficking and “economic migration”.

    Referring to every single foreign person as “vulnerable” is in IMHO racist to the extreme.
    Trafficking needs to be effectively dealt with. but stopping economic migration or legislating against escorts isn’t going to deal with the real issues behind trafficking.

  3. Sonyared says:

    Hi there! Just found your blog and love it! I have my own but in my home language.;) I am romanian and yes you are right! We come over to UK for a better earning, for a better life. When I first come I was a totally rasist. I learn here not to be one.Like I come over.. the others come.Hoping for a better life. I learn loads of things and my life become better. Is true are pimps all over in this industry and usually they have no clue of how this buissines run. Loads to talk about it! Nice to read you! All the best!

    • Hi there!

      Well done you for making it! Feel free to send any stories to us, or just keep reading 🙂 We hope to show the public that not every foreign lady is here against her will.Thanks for the support.

      • Sonyared says:

        Not all ladys from abroad wich are doing escort, are doing it … against there wishes! Not at all! Usually we chose to come over and do escort. Almost all this stories about forcing to come over to do prostitution is all gone. Special since the EU is extending.The pimps was , are and will be always! Now they call it managers or image controllers, etc.The day’s when they bring girls against there will and push them in adult industry is almost gone! Well… they still make combinations of lies about fortunes making abroads…

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