Why do the clients do it?

I try to be so careful of the choices I make. I have read certain blogs recently and they have made me reflect…

I probably fall into the category of client the blogger describes as the sad and lonely fecker and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it. While I may be single and choose to see escorts now and again, it is not something I am proud of, nor is it something I ever saw myself doing. Growing up I never had much self-confidence and was very self-conscious. I never had much luck with the ladies. Up until 3 years ago the thought of visiting an escort never even crossed my mind. Then by chance I read about how rampant escorting is in Ireland, the whole focus of the article being on a well known escort site, how the escorts advertise and the review system. Eventually after a while just browsing I plucked up the courage and made an appointment.
DCG talks about her disgust at the review system, and I can see why depending on how they are written. Personally I have used the review system to help me make more informed choices, to help me choose ladies who I believe are genuinely independent and doing this of their own free choice and are happy to do it. And to the best of my knowledge it has worked. In return I write a review mainly to show my appreciation to the lady and as a thank you, and I try to write them as respectfully as I can.

This world has given me something I didn’t have much of before, so much more self-confidence and boosted my self-esteem. But it has also given me companionship and intimacy with beautiful ladies, what is so wrong with that between consenting adults. Maybe it has become so normal for me, I don’t see it objectively.

Reading this blog has made me reflect more, that not everything may be as rosy in the garden as it seems and not to take that for granted.

– back in my box now.

4 comments on “Why do the clients do it?

  1. Punter104 says:

    I would agree with you
    I am an occasional punter.
    Socially I am OK have friends and get on with women well counting some women as my best friends. However I have lacked the skill to get a girlfriend or even a one night stand. I fall into what they call the friend zone
    I have visited escorts over the last 10 years although not very often (av. twice a year) some of the best experiences have been with irish girls. While I have had chats with them and got on well I have never pretended it was anything other than what it was.
    I am also not an idiot I know abuse happens I know trafficking happens but I can tell you and can speak for most if not all punters when I say we DO NOT want to visit trafficking girls and if we knew they are trafficked we WILL NOT visit them

  2. Eileen Lang says:

    For starters, far from being “sad and lonely feckers” you are heros.

    As far as I know, you may be the first sex industry clients (at least in English) to speak out honestly, in public about who you are and your motivations…and flying against so many derogatory and derisory stereotypes, the old “pathetic” ones and the new extreme “rapist” ones, that takes significant cojones.

    Once finding the courage to speak, what you choose to say, shows those stereotypes for exactly what they are – codswallop (trying to keep it polite here 🙂 ).

    I hated sex work, but I didn’t hate my clients, they were not isolated pockets of tumescent sexual blight, they were whole human beings, like me, with thoughts, feeling, opinions, life stories…ok, I will put my hand up to often dehumanising them into mobile crisis ATMs, but that was *my* problem, *my* prejudice…not any representation of reality.

    Incidentally, two of the most all round attractive (as in: stop traffic) and eligible *unmarried* young men I ever made love with (words chosen carefully, not coyly) were clients. The first was a client of mine over many years, the second was someone more recent, I knew socially who had no problem being completely honest about his patronage of the sex industry.

    They were both very considerate, intelligent and politically gender aware. Yes, they had little, damaged, places that hurt no-one but themselves – but don’t we all?

  3. joe soap says:

    I am probably more stereotypical of the average client. I am a reasonably confident person and I have always felt comfortable in the company of women as I grew up with them in those happy formative years in college. My concern as a client was, would these professional ladies be a different breed altogether from the other women I know in civvy street.? Would they be alien and unrecognisable in some way from ‘ normal’ girls ? The answer is NO. They are simply lovely, ordinary girls who do this work because they want to earn more money than they might earn elsewhere.

  4. Lisa says:

    Reviews should be banned!

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