Outsider looking in….

I am not an escort, but have a pretty good insight into the sex industry

I witness positive and negative aspects in the escorting world every day. I have to admit that this insight has made me different person than I use to be. A person more understanding, caring and patient.

Made me realise how much more support WE need , and by WE I mean women. Sex workers, mothers, sisters ,girlfriends, business women and much more to name. My every day insight is full of escort stories, opinion exchanges, escort reviews, bad and good clients, bad or good incidents, happiness and sadness.I will be always grateful for the experience I have had within the sex industry and the girls I talk to every day. I would like to start my story from the beginning when I was on the “other side”.  By “other side” I mean other way of thinking that I have now. Thinking that escorts work only on the street corners, wearing sleazy clothes and trying to attract lost guys with provocative behaviour. Sure, this picture is part of a stigma attached to the sex industry and to sex workers.  I am guilty of thinking that way also in the past.

I remember, I would never give much thought for the ex industry or women working in it. I would follow general opinion, how bad and rotten this environment is. I would hear stories how Escorts have drink and drug problems and how miserable their life is. When you think about it a little, then you may feel that it is probably easier to think this way because you do not have any insight or dealings with the sex industry.

Since you are not involved in it why should you think any other way? You may also ask yourself what difference it would make if you think the opposite way?

I can assure you that a difference in thinking may help Escorts and may help sex industry become an even better place.

This difference in thinking made me cross to “another side”. By “another side” I mean escort world and escort every day reality.

Let me tell you a story of business women who is making every day decision about her money, time, expenses and income. Women who are accountants, some type of travel agent, entrepreneurs and still perfect hostess. Does she wear sleazy stuff, well only if you want to but as far as I know she is as casual as every other woman. Is she standing on the street corner, yes she might but apartment or hotel is more suitable location for her. Is she provocative and slutty, well yes sure if you want her to be that way.

Let’s talk about Escorts.In my insight and experience with Escorts, I have to admit that you do have to be a very strong and independent person. This job requires bravery I could only imagine. I think every Escort has her unique story as to how she entered sex industry. From stories I have heard and hear, many Escorts wanted to make their life different and better. Wanted to gain a better education or provide a better life or/and education for their children. I always hear, how this job is perfect for women who want to be their own boss and organize their own time/schedule. Escorts who either way choose escorting as a tool to achieve further plans in their lives or choose escorting as her life career and every day job.

It is important to know that, there are many reasons as to how women enter the sex industry. There are good reasons as I have mentioned already and there are bad reasons also of course. Bad reasons would be related to bad life experiences and to bad people who are present in sex industry. Bad people who make money on an Escorts existence.

Let’s have a think out loud here?Ask yourself if you like your job? What would be your answer? Yes or no? Probably no I guess. Some of you may say I do but….This is the thing about jobs. All jobs. There are pros and cons. Please be aware that escorts battle pros and cons in their job too, just like you do.

If you stop for a second and think that Escorting is a job but for some reason is not treated as job, because all stigma and negative mass thinking, then you are on a good way to make a difference.

How this difference would look alike you may ask yourself. Well, lets start in detaching stigma and negative thinking about Escorting. What if Escorting would be treated equally as every other job? Would you think then that more money and positive attention would be given to the industry and automatically to all Escorts who need support the most? From my experience I can see that Escorts do need the most a non-judgemental public support, organizations where they can go and ask for help and advice. Places where they can report crime and gain legal help or seek health assistance and understanding.

I think that if sex industry will be criminalized then nothing will change. If anything the industry will go further underground, making the industry more dangerous. Escorting will be treated as sleazy subject pushed away from manicured, perfect lives.All these brave, witty, intelligent, chatty, beautiful women I know and talk to ever day will be pushed further into stigma. Why on earth should that ever happen? You have no idea how much Escorts have to offer, so much fun and charisma. For all these Ladies who made me smile with industry stories and cry with every day struggle, I salute you.

So here I am today, thinking that no woman in this world should have a leash on her neck applied neither by society nor by any types of stigma. Every woman should have choice to follow the path she wants to. At the end of the day this is all about choices, support and mutual understanding.

Thank you for hearing me, a non-escort woman. 🙂 xxx

One comment on “Outsider looking in….

  1. darcy devine says:

    I always wonder what it would be like to be treated as a business woman and not be a social pariah. As far as I am concerned I have a business in the service industry, it’s just my services which are different. No-one would look at me and think I was an escort, I’m a mother of two, have put my children through uni, I work for charities and I certainly don’t drink, smoke or take drugs. Most of all I do it of my own free will, I provide a good service with repeat customers and I enjoy it and the life it gives me.

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