When an escort is exposed, is it just the escort who suffers?

No, her entire family suffers. Her friends whisper behind her back and cut her out of their lives, the neighbours laugh at her and abuse her in the street and she becomes a target for every low life criminal around her- because she must be rich right?

Nearly 2 years ago, while on a short tour to Scotland my 18-year-old daughter received a letter through the post. My daughter thought as did my family that I was away on a business trip as I had a professional day job and could cover my short tours with the lie that it’s just another conference or meeting. My daughter phoned me at 9.25am on a Tuesday morning crying that I had to come home urgently. I was terrified that my Father who has bowl cancer was dying or dead. I asked her to tell me straight away what was wrong she couldn’t speak through the sobs and hung up. I phoned my Mother straight away asking was it Dad, but it wasnt my Dad it was ME.

Mum very angrily told me that the letter which was addressed to my daughter by name had inside several escort profiles, reviews, pictures and a covering letter. The letter explained to my daughter how I was working as a prostitute and had been for the last year and how good I must be in bed as I had all these reviews from men who had slept with me and how rich I must be because the profiles included prices. The pictures had been unblurred so my full face was there for her to see, there was no denying that it was me in the pictures. The letter also stated that if my daughter looked on ***** ****** right now, she would see me and if she didn’t believe it was me she should ring the telephone number on my profile.

Of course my daughter thought that this must be some sick joke, there is no way that I would ever do that. So she rang the telephone number but when no one answered the voicemail came on and she heard my voice saying “I am out of the office right now please send me a text or call me back later”. Well now she knew for sure.

My daughter phoned my Mother in floods of tears telling her everything. My Mother immediately went round to my home.

My daughter left home that day, my Father told me I was dead to him. My Mother told me to give them space and time
to absorb the shock then take it slowly. It took my daughter a long time to be able just to be in the same room as me. She struggled for a long time with this knowledge and I know that she will never forgive or forget. She worries every time that I leave the house. Its taken a lot of begging on my part to try to rebuild our relationship. We are back together now and our relationship is stronger than before as although she hates with a passion what I have done she understands why I did it.

My Father has never spoken to me since, he is dying and he will go to his grave hating me. He will never allow me into his home, I have been outcast from my family for bringing this shame on to them. I thought this was hell and I would never get through it, but the letter author hadn’t quite finished with me. Oh no, not by a long shot. The same week as my daughter got the letter, my neighbours got copies too. I can not walk to my car without one of the neighbours or even children shouting insults at me. My friends no longer call me or accept my calls.

I have had idiots try to burgle my home and even been attacked entering my home as these idiots think I have serious money stashed away and they want it. I am trying to sell my house but every time I get a buyer around to view it, one of the neighbours starts with the usual abuse or something is written on the front doors.

Even though I have suffered greatly, my family have suffered as much as I have. My Mother holds her head up when people throw insults at her. My daughter tries to ignore them but I see her eyes tear up and her clenched fists, One day she is going to snap on one of them and if she does and she gets into trouble with the police it will be all my fault.

I know it is me who made the decision and become an escort, but I always made sure I kept it away from home. I was always discreet. No one had the right to do this to my family. Okay so you may not agree with what an escort is or how she makes her money but does that give anyone the right to destroy innocent people. My family played no part in what I was doing but they are the ones who got hurt the most by some sick fucker who thinks its okay because I am a whore.

I went to the police about this, they found fingerprints and dna on the letters(I got quite a few more) My family’s prints were taken so they could identify the sender of this letter. They found 4 sets of prints on the inside of one the letter which did not belong to my family and dna on the underside of the stamp. 4 people! The incidents got worse. The author is now class 4 stalker, the most serious kind as I have had my life threatened, lots more but I can’t talk of because of a police investigation which to be honest is going nowhere.

So the next time you pick up one of those sleazy newspapers who are exposing women for working in the sex industry, you just think of how her life and her families lives are going to change. And to the journalists who write these stories, I hope you rot in hell.

7 comments on “Exposure….

  1. Veidt says:

    I really don’t know how low people can go!!! I note that in this case it was a stalker, but as mentioned sleazy newspapers live off this stuff. To send it to her daughter…….there are a lot of really sick people in this world!!

  2. Eileen Lang says:

    What kind of person/people can actually put that kind of material into and envelope and address it to a teen? That got me…

    Aren’t we, as human beings, supposed to have a sort of reflex to protect the young?

    I do know people who have been made to suffer the same way by Red top exposes…with little kids involved too…it always makes me SO ANGRY…whatever stupid, screwed up prejudice a person has against a sex worker HOWS can they take that out on her children?

    Just a thought to consider, but the the neighbours putting off buyers seems a bit self defeating…is it possible somebody is trying to get your house for half nothing? If so, that *would* go a way to explaining 4 sets of prints…

  3. Sonyared says:

    I tell you something…They are the LOW peoaple and neiburs. SCUM of earth they are! If you was my neibur.. I will send you a smile and invite you for a coffe and a chat! This ppl have no decency and all they do.. is spam others life! I am sure one day you will come over it and your family will anderstand you. I am sure your daughter will spit on there faces one day and never be shame with you! This is a tragic part of a life… And I know can be real.In this shape I will think who done that to you is a ‘friend’ gelous on you having punters… or a kind of a client who was looking for frebies! You should know one day who done it! That really can’t turn back the time you are passing true. God bless you and your family!

  4. sagitarius133 says:

    The person who did this must be someone that knows you rather well. How could he (they) know that you have a daughter? There must be a reason for doing this to you. They know you are an escort so this leads me to thinking it must be one of your clients not satisfied with your services or competitors who want to get rid of you.
    I cannot see another reason why someone would do this.
    I hope your relatives will see clear in this and understand that you are still there daughter, mother, …

  5. Sam says:

    A very sad story….I’m so sorry for you. I hope the situation improves for you.

  6. mary says:

    That’s not you though….is it?

  7. I feel your pain, torment and anger although i am completely aware of my manipulator. He was a jealous, insecure immature prick who pretended to accept my job when really he couldnt accept the reality of my it. He ransacked my Facebook exposed and fabricated me to my friends, spread rumours all over the internet and totally belittled me. My neighbours all know now that immature an escort and its hell. They are very unforgiving to the fact that they have legit earnings and graft for a living. I am slowly but surely getting back on track altho it took alot of courage and patience. Keep your head held high. Fuck the hates i say!!!

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