Lara’s tale

Tale of an Irish Ho
Im 28, but I advertise as 25… shhhh don’t be telling anyone, it’s a girls right to lie about her age 🙂 Well, especially as an escort.

I was born in Dublin. Raised in the west of Ireland, then finally moved up north, I  had a happy childhood and was the angel of the family, still am really- well- that’s what everyone still thinks anyway, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.  I studied hard got my degree, I don’t have as much as a penalty point on my licence,  help out in charity events as much as I can, who know that behind all this that I am in fact a lady of the night? Not a soul. It is my secret to keep.  I think if anyone found out they wouldn’t believe it in any case. I am the ultimate girl next door.

I’ve been working as an escort/hoe/hooker for 4 years now and its been the best decision I have ever made, I’ve had hard times and some fantastic times. I’m a stronger person now, I work by myself which is extremely lonely as I fear if I work with another independent I would get arrested and be charged as a pimp, it’s so isolating and hard working by yourself, having no one at home you can talk to about work. It’s a very lonely job but I do it as I like my job, I’ve the flexibility that I wouldn’t get from another job and best of all I get to be my own boss. I choose who I see and when i work. If I don’t like the sound of you, you are not getting an appointment. I found my way with this.

When I started I was young and naive. My first ever client was an over nighter, he gave me flowers, took me to a restaurant,  we stayed in a lovely hotel and got on so well and then he paid me for it!  Holy Crap I got paid for having fun I couldn’t get over it! from that moment I knew this was the job for me. I quickly realised with the good also comes the bad, you get alot of assholes ringing you, why havent they been taught proper manners on how to speak to a lady I will never know. Mammy alert, teach your sons how to ask the escort nicely please 🙂 , but I fear the assholes only talk to me in this way as the society they have been brought up in teaches that we are dirty  second class citizens, not human beings with feeling and families, so I don’t blame the assholes, I blame society for not allowing us a voice and to treated as equals, these assholes who ring me and treat me with such disrespect will only ever get told to visit palm and her five friends as without respect they will never get the chance to visit me.

But for every asshole there are 10 times more lovely clients ages 18-90, and yes I have sucked a 90-year-old knob, I don’t see people as their age I see people as what is inside the person they are, that’s the most important thing about this job –
to look at the person within if you cannot do this then I would recommend you don’t try being a hoe.  I have found some of the ugliest people are the nicest inside and some of the good-looking people are nasty creatures inside, so I’ve learnt I would rather shag an ugly old bloke with a good heart and warm smile given the chance.

I enjoy my work not one day is the same from whipping priests to getting a message by a lovely gent.

I take safety as the highest priority in my job from my sexual health to my physical safety, I practice safe sex always, and I
can’t understand these people who go out on a Saturday Night and shag men without condoms and then blame the drink, wise the fuck up and slap a condom on that thing, its irresponsible and so dangerous. that’s why I always say you have more chance catching an STI or contracting HIV from your ma than a hoe, at least we respect our and or clients safety by insisting on condoms.

I am always watching out for my physical safety if I don’t who else will? I vet calls, everything I can do to protect
my safety I do. I have been assaulted once on an appointment, I felt I couldn’t go to the guards as if it when to court my
private details,  name and address would be printed in the newspapers is this fair? I would be further victimized if this ever happened. We need anonymity when reporting incidents to the Guards, and I wish the Guards would take their finger out of there asses and implement the law. There are laws against pimps and trafficking yet I never see anything done, they arrest two ladies working together for safety yet there are brothels being run by pimps and nothing is ever done about it.

I pity these poor girls who don’t work of their own free will, I wish the guards would do more to enforce the current laws instead of bringing out further laws which will put my safety and livelihood at risk.

I leave on this note, many girls do this job of own free will, I am one.  There are good times and also bad as with every job,
but my only wish is that one day people will treat us as equals, and realise we are humans, we have feelings, we have families -we have a right to a voice.

Please, listen to mine.


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