Its not exactly seamless glamour…

I’m always asked what is the strangest thing that I have been asked to do by a client.

Well there have been many strange requests that I have been asked to do; from meeting in a caravan in Brean, to entering a house and fucking a guy while his wife was next door at an Ann Summers party to smoking while being fucked (I don’t smoke) to going to Glastonbury Festival (I don’t do mud, camping or fields).

Role play is often very popular fantasies like naughty college girl, nursemaid, or next door neighbour is often asked for- one gent even bought his mother in-laws clothes for me to wear while he shagged me ( I didn’t ask why nor did I want to know why- each to their own ).

But the very very strangest thing I have been asked to do was a role play was by a client who was an optician- he wanted a very specific role play.

"So blind I almost gave a BJ to the chair leg!"

So he arrives at my place I have to sit on the chair and I pretend to be having my eyes tested. He brought the little board with all the letters and numbers on it and even brought some horrid glasses that you have to wear when in the opticians, the ones with the slots for the lens.

Anyway to cut a very long story short he’s checking my eyes carefully saying that I need to have a full check up ect and he has put this bloody eye thing on me and he’s touching me up feeling my legs and my boobs which is not a problem but what is a bloody problem is that I wear contact lens and my eyesight is really crap (I’m talking I can’t give a blow job if I don’t have my contacts in I would be sucking the chair leg) so of course I can see bugger all and he keeps slotting in the pieces of glass in the frames asking if that is better and can I see anything but of course I cant!

It’s all blurry and magnified because I still have my contact lens in and it’s getting worse and worse and each time I say I can’t see anything he give me a little smack on the thighs and says that i’m lying and I need to have further consultation !!!

Anyway to top it off the fucking eye frame is killing me, it’s hurting my nose and my ears by now and he wants a blowjob while I have this bloody frame on my face!

I look like frigging Hannibal Lector with these funky frames on except I have on stockings and a basque and his dick omg it’s totally magnified because of the lens -It’s so bloody big that you can see the pores and everything and looks like it’s about 2 foot long and just as bloody wide ……… It’s like a baseball bat but with the balls in the wrong place.

And afterwards he said – ”you know your eyesight is really bad love you should have your eyes tested”!

Who says we arent saints?

Btw after this I had my eyes lasered 🙂

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