Isn’t it amazing….

How becoming a escort excludes you from the rest of society?  I didn’t realise my pulse stopped along with my rights to respect or dignity the first day I took payment for sex, but in the eyes of ”respectable society”, I died that day. I can no longer visit my church, I am not wanted there.  Suffer little children, come unto us, as long as you havent advertised your pussy recently. I cannot give blood.

My blood is suspect.

Forget the fact my blood is the same blood that runs through your veins, blood that is so often taken and tested it virtually has more notes than my meagre medical history ever will, forget the fact blood banks are empty- I am unclean. I once accepted money for sex and so took a place in the back room. Those with acceptable morals only need apply. Except I didn’t die. I am still here.  I took a place in the room that says I will not starve, I will not rely, I will even thrive.  There is no place  for this, in Decent Society. There is no tag for woman that chose not to take the easy route. Just labels of prostitute or victim. I am beneath contempt or hope, apparently.

So, if I claim benefits, have five children on the state, abuse drugs or try and milk every known capacity benefit on offer, I am a person at risk- one of the unfortunates.  However, if I choose to charge for the things that would otherwise be taken, make my own way in life and depend only on myself- I am a parasite. Go figure.

I tell you what I think? Take your contempt, morality and plain good fortune elsewhere. I don’t want your hard earned taxes, I don’t want your pity, I dont even want your custom. The only thing I want you to accept is I am just like you- I just took the alternative route.

Plus…giving blood really hurts. You can keep your bloodbanks too.



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