How does it feel to be reviewed?

Well for me, fine. Because when I need to vent..I review you too.

Time: 11.51 AM

Place: His, rather sad run down semi just off the high street. Floral curtains, carpets could do with a clean plus a slight smell of stale cat. I used the bathroom, there was fungus behind the radiator so I did not use the towel. The towel was pink.

Description: John B. Hunter is around 46 and a half, maybe 9 months. He describes himself as being 42, but hey ho, a punt is a punt so there we go. He is pale skinned, with an auburn hued comb over and slightly watery eyes. His love handles are voluptuous, and when at last his cock appears from under his midriff it is white, with a purple head and a vein running slightly to the left. All in all, Mr. Average personified.

The Meeting: After John was finally persuaded to stop lapping at my face like the andrex puppy gone wrong, I managed to position him on the bed and perform fellatio…this was slightly impeded by the fact that John continually jerked his hips in a staccato fashion, forcing me to suffocate on his larger than average ball sack. He then requested to return the favour on me – I surrendered.

Johns cunnilingus technique consisted of alternately clamping his teeth around my labia minora, and attempting to extend them like ear flaps, to sucking my clitoris so hard it went numb. This was made slightly worse by the bristle on his chin, so one half is numb and the other half feels as though its grappling with a hedgehog. His saliva then dripped down to my ass, making me feel a little sick, so I flipped him onto his back, performed a karate type manoeuvre to keep him clamped there while I slid a condom on. After writhing around for exactly 2 minutes 21 seconds he ejaculated while screaming thank you thank you thank you. We then exchanged tedious small talk while I attempted to get dressed without him getting the bright idea of doing it twice.

All in all, an average punt

Would you return? Oh yes
Would you recommend? Highly

8 comments on “How does it feel to be reviewed?

  1. Eileen Lang says:

    I have campaigned tirelessly against escort reviews and was even tempted to chain myself to railings and throw myself under racehorses toward that end…


    You have a lifelong convert to “reciprocal reviewing”. :o)

  2. Veidt says:

    I am all for client reviews!!!! 🙂

  3. Shawn says:

    Huh. Never read or given client reviews a thought. But I do realize that you probably have a lot to say about us punters. With all do respect, there are to many escorts out there trying to lure helpless men into an encounter with false photos or promises. That is the only reson I feel strongly that reviews are needed.

    The thing to keep in mind is, one party is paying, the other is serving. We can like it, hate it or simply accept it. I will do anything I can to make the review thing as “humane as possible. Tight pussy, deaptroathing…. aint what I am looking for in a review. But photos are real (then I know what I am going to) made me feel comfortable (some sence of security is what many of us are looking for) I want to see her again (this was a happy ending) These things is what I want to know, so I do not need to spend my hard earned money and time on escorts that ain’t gonna give me this.

    Like it or hate it. We are buying a service. We will respect you, respect us and we will all be fine. And stop using fake photos!!! (to those of you thinking that is a good idea)

    • Ah, Shawn, We dislike the fakers as much as you, and love it or hate it, the review process is here to stay. Do remember though that the review system isn’t actually a guarantee of anything, our sexual mores differ so wildly and reviews are open to manipulation also. Well done for tempering your reviews, that is part of the issue.

  4. Shawn says:

    Hi. I am not quite sure why you deleted my comment, but that is how things work I guess.

    I am actually not sure what you mean by tempering my reviews. You may call me stupid, but also keep in mind that english is far from my native language.

    No, there aren’t any guarantees for anything anywhere. What reviews will do, is give the reader a quite good feeling of what’s right and what is not. If the “business” reviewed have more than a few.

    For some reason, in my experience, most escorts are afraid of reviews. It should be the other way around. At least if you are one that is not a total scam.

    Most guys that are seeing escorts wants to know what they “get” in advance. It is part of the whole game for many. I should know, I am one of them.

    So, an escort that wants to grow and maintain a steady client base, being selective and maybe even get a higher price should do the following:

    Advertise and get reviewed as much as possible. (Note: I would rather call an escort with 15 reviews, ten good and 5 bad, than an escort with only 3 positive) The more reviews, of all flavors helps me overlook the fact that some of them might be a fake review.

    The closest thing I get to any guarantee is more reviews. And if the site they are written on are third party and I am able to connect with the guys reviewing, then I get the guarantee I need to make the call.

    Just a little tips to you; don’t delete comments you comment back to. It shows and makes your site quite a bit less reputable. If you do not want my comment, simply delete it. Then only I will know that your site isn’t worth visiting.

    – Shawn

    • Your comment on this blog was not deleted Shawn, the answer is below. Your little rant on the other article was, as it was both derogatory and self serving. If you feel escorts are only in this for your hard earned cash welcome to the reality of escorting. Tempering your reviews in this case would be concentrating on the facts (is the girl in the picture, does perform services listed) as opposed to turning them into a minature pornographic essay with little meaning to anyone except the author.

      This blog was never intended as a promotion vehicle for escorts. It is for independent escorts, to allow them an anonymous place to express their thoughts about their work. Any derogatory and or insulting comments will be removed.

      Oh, and by the way? You mentioned in your rant you should just give us money for shoes and shut up? I dont spend my money on shoes. I spend mine on gin 🙂

      • Shawn says:

        I had no intention being more derogatory than I was offended by the post… I might delete your post… 🙂

        In my experience, A LOT of your colleagues remove the words “would like to” in the title sentence.

        It seems to me that because you from time to time meet up with jerks and disrespectful clients you think it is all right to treat everyone as such. That shows in your post. Because what you describe is exactly what happens in 80 % of the times.

        I do realize that escorts are in this for the money. Hell, I do my day job for money. But that doesn’t make me make fun of my clients or make me want to trick them.

        I am so glad that internet is here to help us show and tell. Bad client/ provider lists, I welcome you.

        Just for the record: I am talking about volunteers. Any trafficking, force or child prostitution is wrong either way you look at it and should be avoided and reported by clients.

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