But I am not trafficked

How did this all start?

I gave myself the green light.

I used to live in a capital of an un-named EU country that was neither poor neither rich. I had a regular job which wasn’t too well paid but neither too bad. My only perspective at that time was to wait until I find a suitable husband so together we could afford to rent a small apartment or to take a mortgage. Not to mention that I’m not that kind of girl who waits for the prince in white armour and dreams about a wedding day, this wasn’t a prospect of bright future for me.

I am ambitious and I like to be able to take care of myself (plus I had a few jewellery pieces in my eye that I could hardly afford from my normal wages). Back then I considered sexwork a good source of income and so trembling to my guts I gave it a go.

At first I worked for an agency which organised the bookings and took more than half of my income in return. Not great but good enough for start. I was never forced to provide any services I wasn’t comfortable with and I worked only when I wanted to. I still kept my regular job for a year. Then it became such a menace that sexwork became the obvious choice.

At that time I’ve already discovered Ireland where it was easier to work as an independent escort which meant being my own boss and of course higher income. I moved over. Improved my English in contact with clients and new friends. Enrolled a college to study the subject of my heart which I could never be able to afford previously and I believe that was crucial because otherwise I would be trapped for life in boring unfulfilling jobs. I bought a tiny apartment for myself. I can support my parents who need my help from time to time. And least but not last I have been able to secure a good independent future for myself.

I wish to make it clear that for me and others I know, sexwork isn’t about enslavement, quite the opposite. It has enabled my ambitions and independence.

So do I love my job? No (who does anyway?). Do I love some aspects of it? Hell yeah! And it’s not the money as you might think. It’s working on my terms, being my own boss, working only when I want and having a lot of time for my studies and hobbies, being independent in the real meaning of the word. Is it the best job ever for me? Probably not but it is the best job I CHOOSE to do at the moment.

All in all after 4 years in the industry I don’t regret anything. I look back and think gosh I would never believe how much did I achieve in the last few years. And believe me or not, I’m proud of it. I’m happy with the way my life turned out. The funny thing is that now I’m starting in a “normal” job again which is actually something like a dream job for me but I realised that I don’t want to leave escorting at all, so I decided to keep it for my leisure time and as an extra little source of income.

So the next time you hear that all foreign sexworkers are trafficked and similar non-sense remember what you read here and that people should have the right to choose what path they want to walk in their lives. And if they could have the same rights and safety as all the other people it would be even better.

2 comments on “But I am not trafficked

  1. darcy devine says:

    Great to read your point of view, I get fed up of none of the stories in the press portraying what we do accurately. I have been an escort for 3 years it pays for a fantastic lifestyle I am putting my children through university. I’m glad to see you haven’t left completely as I don’t think I ever would want to either

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