A foreigners tale..

My story…

I was  born in a country where the sunlight might be seen only if you are paying for it. I am proud of my close family: mother, father and my sister. I was raised with a strong education, they forced me to learn, but in that time was, as for every child, a big torture. My mom was always giving my sister as example, she’s 10 years older and always submissive, maybe for this reason she is a succesful medic in a central European country..

I followed her example as much as I could, even I was the “rebel” child. We never been rich, my mom never worked, just my dad but we always had a decent life the 4 of us – until one day…
I was 12 when my dad had the chance to “escape”.  He got a good job in a central european country, so he decided to take me, Mom and sister with him. The future was promising.. better school for me, better university for my sister, and we could afford them !!

The first 3 years were like a dream.. no more worries for bills and school supplies, no more stressful nights for my mom thinking about how to spread the money in the right way.. They even brought over more family and helped them to get a job in the same place as my Dad, and that was the beginning of the end.. He lost his job finally for reasons I still don’t know.. I was almost 16, a critical age..

I never thought to give sex in exchange of money,  never. But I found something similar, very well paid at that time as it was a new business: VIDEOCHAT or virtual sex if you want.. I thought this was the only way I could help my parents as my sister was just out of university with a very small salary, she couldn’t make it . I thought I could. I began to miss the highschool classes more often, so I can go to the studio.. after a while the school counsellor called home and my Dad found out that there were days and weeks I wasn’t going to school.. That made him angry.. I tried to explain I went to look for a job to help them, he couldn’t accept me if I didn’t go to school anymore, so after a while I decided to go at the studio in the night and lied them I was working as a waitress in a pub… They couldn’t accept their 17 year old not  being home at nighttime.. After a big fight with them I pack my stuff and went to friend’s house, I met her at our working studio.

Soon we rented a one-room flat for ourselves and started to work from there..I managed to graduate the high school. In the mean time got in better relation with my parents, they came to my flat, they could only see a normal premise with a pc/webcam,nothing wrong with that but we wanted more.. And I’ll start calling “SG” my work mate from now on.. So me and SG wanted more for us and for ours… I was supposed to follow a college or something,but against my parents will I dropped the idea, so no college for me..

I was 18,I was beautiful,  full of life, knew more or lesswhat a man wants from those perverts conversations during the VIDEOCHAT, SG was the same, and something more: she had a “contact”!! Yeah, a “contact”.. We met the fella to talk about working less for even more money, that was my idea, he promised we’ll never have to sleep with an unknown guy, just to entertain: lap dance, striptease.. sounded great, so we agreed to leave the country(where I was already a foreigner) and go in another one for “better” earnings..

Now it’s going to sound exactly like all the stories: I went, I was cheated, they forced me..NOT! I was cheated, the dance/strip entertainment wasn’t well paid, but the sex yes, SG wasn’t sure about what we shall do, to go back or to stay for almost nothing, but I made up my mind fast: I will!! SG almost decided to leave back home, but I asked her to stay with me until I’ll feel sure about my decision.. I remember it like yesterday, my first client, he knew I was a beginner, he just laid back and left me to do whatever I want.. “so,it’s not so bad then”, I’ve told SG, I think I’m gonna stay!! Then came the second guy,then the thirrd, then fourth… Icouldn’t wait for the night to be over to have my “many” money!!! but they weren’t so many.. SG’s “friend” took care of everything so 60% went in his pocket! I couldn’t take it too much, after a few weeks I took my things and left, as I had my passport, everything (told you I’ve never been forced, I stayed cause I wanted to) went back home, feeling unwashed, as the only way to feel clean in my brain was to have my wallet full of notes, which wasn’t like that.. SG fell in love (at least she told me so) and remained with her “friend”,  I have never heard from her since..

Right after my 19th birthday I met D, a handsome guy, think was love at the first sight, at least for me. I left all those crazy nights behind, never told him about the VIDEOCHAT or the “nightlife” I had. He was the one. D was perfect,he showed me love and took care of me.. We had a beautiful amazing year together.. Then I got pregnant.. And D showed me his real face..I found out I was pregnant in 8 weeks, so still time for an abortion, but I was almost 21, why should I? I said no, so he showed me all of his faces.. Beating me, coming home (his home, moved with him shortly after we met) after days and nights without telling me, drunk, dirty, lipstick/makeup on his clothes…

After 2 months I left him with his miserable life and I forbid him to contact me or my child after birth.. back to my parents?? I couldn’t, so I went to my sister’s apartment. She was the only one I could’ve trust and get support.. Poor her, she was working night and day, daytime to the surgery, nighttime in the emergencies.. She barely was sleeping 3-4 hours everyday only to be able to keep her “kinder” egg sister this was breaking my heart.. When I gave light to my son she acted like he was totally hers, she was loving him more that anything in this world!!! And I knew how I could return her favor..

My son was 8 months when I decided to take my life in hand and do whatever it takes for him and my sis.. And this was the way.. Wasn’t difficult as I already knew where to go and what I have to do.. The only hard thing was that I couldn’t see the persons I love too often, as I had to leave the country.. But I was always a lucky escort and I was able to give them everything they needed, my sister didn’t have to work so hard anymore, so she could stay every night with her “sunshine” as she’s calling my son,
I could afford a daytime babysitter…

Years went flowing, I count almost 9 since I came into this world with both feet, my life is as I want it to be, my son became the worse pimp asking for money and stuff with every occasion he’s having me around. My sister is ascending as she should, she got married but still being my son’s 2nd mom.. I can see them every 2 weeks even I’m one hour and half away with the plane.. Life is sweet now, and I don’t wanna change it.
I enjoy my work,  when it gets me down I take the plane home for a couple of days.. that’s me back to being a Mother. Thats when I feel at peace.


One comment on “A foreigners tale..

  1. Eileen Lang says:

    You are just SO strong and good…your story has reduced me to tears…most people never realise that there is more than one way to be an exceptional and loving mum…what you have done for your sister and your son is a brave and beautiful thing. I hope life repays you ten times over.

    …and yes, the way I hear it, I am rather afraid there is no pimp so demanding as a 9 year old. An old friend of mine comes over, very part time, but she always goes back with a big suitcase full of things for her child.

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