Escort Perceptions- By an Ex Client

“Preconceptions are a bitch. I’m an ex-‘punter’ who met a very special lady some time ago.

It’s a fact that very few, if any, people will advertise the fact that they visit escorts. There’s obvious reasons, not least of which are that people just assume the worst – that it’s seedy, that the women are down on their luck or addicts, etc. Many people reading this will already know that in the vast majority of cases this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

From a personal perspective, yes, I had preconceptions. When I got to know an escort on a more personal level, they were all washed away – I’ve since learned to not hastily judge people because of this. Now, my first meeting with her was amazing. I felt a connection I never had before – was this real, or just an incredibly good actress? Choosing the latter as the most obvious answer, I continued about my business. I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that I had just had an experience with the real person behind the job. It’s a dangerous situation to find yourself in. In fact, so dangerous that I nearly didn’t contact her again. Just imagine thinking that this person liked you and was dropping their guard, only then to find out it was all an act. It would be devastating.

Against my better judgement, I sent a few texts away, not expecting much. To my delight, I received replies, and they were friendly, funny and made my day. Over the next while, we built up quite a friendship. Now, I would have to warn others about the dangers of trying to build up a friendship – after all, these girls are only doing a job. I just happened to be incredibly lucky to see the real person. Normally, this would end in tears – I’ve heard of many cases where it did. However, this is what I saw.

She’s smart, funny, friendly – these might seem like the most obvious personality traits, as she’d be trying to put these forward to everyone she met. But also, she’s also self-conscious. She’s talented, but impatient as well. She’s kind to others, even when those others don’t deserve it. She snorts when she laughs, and makes dumb faces when I try to take her picture. She’s stubborn and infuriating – she annoys me for fun. She’s a great cook that thinks she’s not. She’s untidy and sometimes lazy. In short, she’s the most awesome person I’ve ever met, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her.

Apologies for going off on a soppy description, but it serves a purpose for anybody reading this who can’t see beyond the word ‘escort’. Every one of them has a story, a family, people who love them, who know them, and they are not, and should not be defined by their job.”


Dressed like an Escort?!

The quintisential prostitute stereotype pisses me off. People think prossie and it seems they think thigh high boots, plunging neck lines and fishnet tights. More like a baggy jumper, 2 day worn jeans and a slick of vaseline on the lips I say.

I spend so much time dolled up at work when I’m off duty all I want to do is crawl into my most comfy tracksuit, scrape my hair into a bun and wash the war paint of my face.

Most of the time you would never know I was a prostitute. Remember I am not just a sex worker but a normal woman too. I sit next to you on the train, I get changed next to you in the gym and I buy my milk next to you in the Spar. 


Next time you think prostitute please don’t think sterotype. 


Many Thanks

A casually dressed hoe xx


Women only Sell Sex Because They Have to

Actually, I sell sex because I am good at it, the money is great and the hours are easy. That would look less catchy on a billboard though. The quote above is from a new poster from sex work charity Ruhama.  I suppose the reality would look less catchy. I am a sex worker because I elected to be. Because unless you are carrying a pretty serious drug habit or are being crushed by heavy debt, pimped or trafficked, no woman has to sell sex. There are lots of women living in poverty, they aren’t all rushing out to sell sex. For practical purposes though, that is just not sexy enough. Its just not catchy enough. What happens to our right to choose what we do with our bodies, and when?







Escorting vs Love

In  7 years in this line of work I have met many men. More than I care to say if I’m honest (no I don’t keep count that would be uncouth!). Most of them are unmemorable, your typical average Joe who drives a Vauxhall, stays for 30 mins and sends you a little text after to say thanks. I love this kind of man. Non nonsense emotion free regular client.

But one day over a year ago I met different type of man. This man was in a sense still your average Joe. Only he drove a Fiat, stayed for an hour and I fell head over heels in love with him.

He was by no means rich, he wasn’t Brad Pitt and he didn’t even tip! But. He made me laugh uncontrollably, made me orgasm till the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and he always looked me right in the eye. I knew from that very first appointment that this was going to be dangerous. I knew it but for all my smarts I couldn’t help myself falling for him.

I love him and he loves me- parfait. I’m sure you want to know how it has ended- well tough. I’m keeping shtum. My situation itself is unimportant.The situation that I wonder about- is it worth quitting for a man? Continue reading

Some of the time, we love you

Dear Mr. Perfect Client,

Thank you for being the ideal client to this sometimes jaded working girl. For providing that ray of hope in the darkness of what can sometimes be the monotony of boring and mediocre sexual encounters with less than sexually exciting men.

Thank you for giving a girl hope, that there are men out there who do appreciate a woman for the sweet femininity that she embodies. For thinking first with your head, and not with your dick. For using your hands to touch and to feel, not to grope and probe. For a level of hygiene that should be written about in text books as the gold standard.

And most of all thank you for tirelessly putting forth the necessary effort to really make me orgasm several times. When I normally am not a multi-orgasmic female.

Thank you in general for being a lovely human being.


So, want to know the ins and outs?

A Typical Day


The average day for me starts at about 6:30, this is when I wake up, I am a morning person, I will normally start to nod off at about 9:30pm if left to my own devices. I will grab a book, or computer and start my morning downloads of the various TV shows I am currently following. There are lots of them. I love TV. First cup of coffee. I have my Nespresso machine by the bed. Junkie, I know.

Back to bed, starts watching the odd show as I surf the web. I split the screen so I can multi-task. Phone rings, client wanting to know will I be working tomorrow. Call me back tomorrow. Click. Idiot it is 7:30 in the morning, you just want to hear my voice as you wank off. Go away. Second cup of coffee. Answer some emails, usually ignore the ones that want to book me for a month right off the bat. Phone rings, client says good morning, oh good start. Wants to know if I would be available for about 10:00am. Yes, I could be, services discussed, I grab note book, pencil this one in. Check time. Oh it is 8:45. Better get up and transform into the sex goddess. Third cup of coffee. I know, I know. I am a junkie. Caffeine is my drug of choice. For those times I have to really ramp up I have patches I stick on my arm. 200mg of caffeine through the skin. Brilliant.

Shower, shave the hairy bits, brush teeth, mani and pedi are still brilliant, I have gel nails. Lasts for two weeks. Foufou is still fluff free. Continue reading

Behind the lights

No Lights, Just Me

The portrayal of prostitution in the media doesn’t reflect me accurately. The facts ‘I have sex for money’ and ‘I do advertise online’ are the only truth I can find in the drivel which is fed to the public by reporters with no better story. Reporters looking for a front page! Get a picture of the hooker and ruin her life, make sure it’s one who’s wearing boots so she fits the stereotypical image we’re putting out there.



What am I like? I’m a very down to earth lady. I have a great sense of humour, I’m kind, I love my family, I stand by my principles and I’m loyal to the people who deserve that in my life. Did I mention I’m a sex worker? I’m proud to be one. I’m from a hard-working, loving family, I had an excellent education, I’m not a chronic drug user or alcoholic and I’ve never been controlled in any way.



People have this perception that sex workers are either cold hard money grabbing bitches or dithering wrecks being beaten about the place by a nasty pimp. Neither apply to me thankfully.



Being a prostitute isn’t for everybody. It takes a certain type of person to cut the mustard. I have to laugh when people liken a woman who sleeps around to a prostitute. Most of the women I know in the sex industry wouldn’t be out having one night stands or sleeping with everyone in the village for kicks. We have far more class than that, and more sense. We’re business women, not idiots.


I offer time and companionship to my clients. The clients come to visit me, I’m not soliciting on street corners so you can’t say I’m a menace to society. I go about my business in a discreet and professional manner. I honestly can’t see any harm in that, can you?


Is it really so difficult to believe that I enjoy making people smile? I get a kick out of bringing happiness to a persons’ life. I feel humbled that little me has the chance to make an impact on a strangers life. We do that you know, us escorts. We have clients who come to see us for many reasons and I don’t believe anybody has the right to deny a person human contact yet we live in a society with many lonely people and they, along with escorts are being condemned by a society that’s been conditioned by the media and the church.


Of course the job isn’t all sunshine and roses but what job is? I don’t know anybody who can say, hand on heart that they love every second of their working lives. Having had countless ‘normal’ jobs, many opportunities and a lot of life experiences I can quite happily say, with all my confidence that being a sex worker is something that I find both enjoyable and profitable. It’s a job I’m very good at and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon.


I honestly can’t see how people can justify telling consenting adults who they can or can’t be intimate with. The issue is a moral one, it isn’t logical at all. What is logical is accepting that sex workers will always be there.


Don’t treat us as second class or ignore our views. We deserve better.